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what we will do:

We are seven partner organizations from all over Europe - Germany, Italy, Ireland, Finland and The Netherlands.
We want to disrupt the Vocational Education and Training and adult training fields in Europe by forwarding innovative and creative approaches that will make for more attractive classes, better employment chances and more active people.
Our goal is to give you, the trainers or educators, the right tools to create the right environment for your students to thrive both in the classroom, but more importantly, on the labor market, after completing your classes.

how it’s going to happen:

So we want to promote the development, testing and implementation of innovative practices/methodologies in VET.
First we’ll need to research good practice examples about innovation in VET.
Then we’re going to transfer the knowledge about the methodologies through a series of interactive guides.
To promote and encourage extensive exploitation and dissemination we will create a website integrated with Wiki, a Blog and we’ll do our best to share it all on Social Networks.
Our educational resources will be available through open licences.
We will organize multiplier events and get stakeholders involved to ensure the dissemination of our intellectual outputs.

our guides:

So our main output will be our knowledge. We will try to make it available to as many people as we can. We will create a series of guides that we will freely share on all our communication channels

  • Entrepreneurship education,
  • Work-Based Learning,
  • Creative Problem Solving Methodology,
  • Web 2.0 tools for VET,
  • Gamification, Simulation and Digital storytelling,
  • Open Educational Resources,
  • ECVET implementation.


Are you interested in better Vocational education and training?

Are you a VET trainer? We’re sure our guides could help your classroom.

Are you a teacher? Would you like to do everything in your power to help your students get jobs after graduating? Are you interested in free educational resources?

Are you an employer? Would you like to find out how your employees could be coming to you with most of the skills they need to do their jobs?

keep an eye on us!